The first all-terrain SUV from Lamborghini makes off-road riding a reality for the first time.

Brought this product for my son who's 16 years old and I need to say I can't be more satisfied with this buy. This hoverboard seems just like a Lamborghini too! Whenever I turned it on, we're all very surprised by the effective motor sound it gets, making us feel like we're riding a real car! Contrary to other Hoverboards we previously own, and I must say, I have owned a quite couple thanks to my young child and his father's love in these, this one is undoubtedly the best one! The hoverboard also comes with a speaker function which works really well!

The moment we set our phone together with all the Hoverboard, the music only comes flying out with loud and great excellent sound and works exactly like a speaker! Though it takes some time for beginners, for me, to find the balance on the Hoverboard, and after around 2 days, I was able to ride on the Hoverboard with no issue. It was an wonderful experience! My son also took the Hoverboard to the park and was able to …